Friday, August 9, 2013

Scott Rajavuori Nominated to Board of Directors of Life Rebuilders- Midwest Challenge, Inc.

I am excited to announce to everyone that I have accepted an offer to serve on the Board of Directors for Life Rebuilders- Midwest Challenge (LR-MC). This is something I have been involved with for awhile, and I am finally ready to take the next step in serving the organization in a larger capacity. This leadership role will help further my commitment to the organization and the people we help.

Life Rebuilders- Midwest Challenge
LR-MC is a Christian nonprofit organization based in Minneapolis, MN. They seek to provide solutions for men being released on work release from prison, guys on parole or dealing with past criminal issues, as well as men that are dealing with drug recovery. LB/MC provides drug and alcohol free living facilities, treatment centers and the support, guidance and information needed for men to secure long-term employment. It is a supportive community for men wanting to turn the lives around.

The Lord's Calling
I have been involved with LR-MC for 7 years as a life coach. A short time ago, the President & CEO of LR-MC, Pastor Gary Parker, approached me about the possibility of serving on the Board of Directors. After the conversation, I prayed hard about the decision. I was concerned about the time commitment, but ultimately came to the decision this is what I should do. I believe the Lord wanted me to get further involved in this worthwhile organization. The impact I can have on the lives of these men is worth all the time in the world.

Ways to Help

If you're interested in getting involved in LR-MC, please visit their website. There are always ways to help and volunteer. You can make a positive impact on the life of a man in a very transitional point in his life. Strong and lasting bonds can be made and lives changed forever.