Thursday, July 25, 2013

Scott Rajavuori Comments on Summer Remodeling Season

Summer is many people's favorite season. It's a time for barbeques, vacations and fun in the sun! It's also my favorite season to remodel with the Titus Contracting team. I love the longer days and completing larger projects. I feel like I can make more of an impact when I complete a larger scope of work on one home. The whole team works hard all summer, but in the end, it all pays off. In this blog, I'm going to review some of the best aspects of the summer remodeling season.

Larger Projects
Summer is the perfect time for a lot of our clients to invest in larger projects. It is easier to complete projects where some walls will need removed and parts of their home will be exposed to the elements. It's easier to complete a project in a timely fashion without the threat of snow. Any inclement summer weather usually passes quickly and will dry fast.

Longer Days
More daylight time means more work time for remodelers. During the summer, we are able to complete more projects because we have more hours to do them. Though we don't really spend any less time on any one project, we can get them done in a fewer amount of days. You're getting the same quality workmanship from the Titus Contracting crew.

More Convenient
The warmer seasons are often more convenient for many of our customers. First of all, it is a very popular time to vacation. This means you may be able to coordinate your remodeling project with your vacation. Even if you can't, it's usually easier to be out of the house while your project is being completed.

If you're looking to start a remodeling project this summer, Titus Contracting is the team to call today at 952-746-7817 or Contact Them Online.