Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Scott Rajavuori answers questions about retail build-outs

Scott Rajavuori recently took the time to answer some questions about retail remodeling for a Titus Contracting blog. Here’s what Scott said about things business owners needing to remember when undertaking a retail build-out.
One of the biggest things is ADA requirements; we need to make sure everything is accessible to everyone, and there are codes to insure that. With the ADA requirements come ADA guidelines that also have to be followed. You also have to be aware or thinking about egress. Local authorities will be concerned how you go about exiting the building, from the path to the door size and the markings (exit signs, emergency lights, etc). Another issue is the use of the existing building. All buildings are classified based on permitting or how they are set up to be used. This can affect many different areas. For example, an insurance agency would be classified as a “business,” a clothing boutique as a “mercantile” and a karate studio as an “assembly.”